Jason Lewis Gone Galt

I’m a fan of Jason Lewis, but I missed most of his show today. Apparently it was a big day. Jason Lewis quit. On air. At 6:27 pm, in the middle of his show. I came in after that to what sounded like show producers scrambling to get Dan Conry to fill in for him. It could be an elaborate ruse. I’m prone to be a little more gullible trustworthy than most, but it sounds legit. Jason Lewis has gone Galt.

I can’t fault the guy. A long time advocate of lower taxes and more liberty, Jason has been on a Galt kick since he started his Galt.io site. A social network for conservative organizers. I’m dubious as to whether this site will work. Conservatives by nature aren’t the kind of people to sit and organize over the web. They’re too busy trying to produce something, or in this economy, stay afloat. Organizing has long been the expertise of the leftists whose websites are too numerous to count. Then again, perhaps this is what’s needed. Sometimes I wish there was a force to troll the leftists sites as much as they troll the Right. That is where I get worried for any Right-leaning social websites. The leftists and rabbits have long established the fact that they are more than willing to troll Right-leaning websites to weaken and bring them down. Another problem are the pansy ass Conservatives go along with it. Some hardball needs to be played. Hopefully, Galt.io can fill the gaps.

Like I said, I can’t fault Jason for taking his earnings and going home. He earned it. I just hope we haven’t heard the last of him.