Powershell Beginnings

I’ve never been big on scripting. I taught myself VB.net and made some useful programs, but I’ve tried several times to get into Powershell and it just hasn’t clicked.

However, I finally made a useful script. It gets all the files in a directory recursively. Then iterates over the list and deletes the ones that match a predetermined set of patterns. I kept trying to do this in a clever way, trying to use as few lines as possible and get rid of IF statements. Finally said, “Fuck it!” and wrote it my way. Maybe, that will teach me not to be too clever.

$FileDeleteList = 'dotnetfx*.exe', 'jre*.exe', 'et_20*.exe', 'et 20*.exe', 'EDT?Update.*'

# Returns true if the filename matches any of the patterns in the $FileDeleteList
function InFileDeleteList($filename) {
  foreach ($FileDeleteItem in $FileDeleteList) {
    if ($filename -like $FileDeleteItem) {
      return $true
  return $false

#Start Here
#Get a list of all the files (recursive and not directories) from the current directory.
$files = Get-ChildItem . -recurse | Where-Object{(!$_.PSIsContainer)}

#Iterate over the files, check if they're in the list, and delete them if they are.
foreach ($file in $files) {
  if (InFileDeleteList($file.Name)) {
    Remove-Item -Force $file.FullName