Feedly Slider

Damn Feedly, *another* new view?  I’m on a desktop, can’t you save that shit for the mobile devices? I don’t need the article I want to read shoved to the right 25% of my screen.

Feedly has been a decent replacement to Google Reader. Not great; decent to pretty good. However, it seems like every other month they have a major bug or some new design which causes me to cringe while trying to use it on a desktop. I think it’s one of those software projects that has too many features. The preferences for all the various views they have is a Raiders of the Lost Ark eye-melting mess. The integration options are even worse. Evernote, Instapaper, Pocket, OneNote, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Buffer Email, Hootsuite, Readability. Wow, impressive. How about fixing the bugs first? Maybe when I go to organize my feeds I’m not stuck having to go back to the main page before going back to the options? Pro features at $5 a month. Um, no. Lastpass charges me $1 a month and it has more value.

Feedly needs to focus on making a stable RSS reader and stop making the desktop layout the same as the mobile device layout. What does Feedly think they are making…Windows 8?