The November Man

The November ManIt’s nice to see Pierce Brosnan working as a spy again. The November Man was an enjoyable spy/action movie based on the book There Are No Spies by Bill Granger. Unfortunately, that was it. It was enjoyable, but nothing stood out to make it memorable. Brosnan does a great job. He brings back the suave Bond he used to do with the right amount of kickassery required for this movie.

I have yet to see a spy/action movie that doesn’t suffer from techno-magicry, but this one comes close. The technology didn’t seem too far fetched for the CIA as most of it was the use of drones and cell phone locators. It all seemed believable in the post-Snowden world. However, I did have an issue with some of the action sequences. People do not get back up and fight full force after getting beaned in the head with a metal pipe swung like a baseball bat. yeouch.

The plot had the right amount of twists for a spy thriller, but they were too predictable. Overall, The November Man is enjoyable but not memorable, which is too bad, I’d like to watch more.