Self-Defense is a Human Right

If you didn’t watch the video of Ray Rice punching his then fiancee, you would have believed that he tried to murder her. Yesterday evening, while listening to the Dave Thompson show, Dave took the position that the Ray Rice debacle was unimaginably horrible. The morning radio shows today on KDWB and K-TWIN couldn’t stop going over how awful and terrible this was, “He PUNCHED her,” the dj’s would repeat over and over, as if they couldn’t quite convey their disgust over the video. Well, I watched the video and I saw two people fighting. She smacked him. He shoved her. Someone spit in the other’s face. She shoved him, and while Ray’s back was against the wall of the elevator, she charged at him and he punched her.

I think Vox is correct:

What is the difference between a man defending himself and woman defending herself? A man must defend himself twice. Once on the street and once in the court of public opinion (if not the actual courts too). No one debates whether a woman has the right to defend themselves. But it seems that society has forgotten that men have the right to defend themselves from bodily harm, even from a women.

My take is this was a domestic fight that escalated to a fist-fight and she lost. She found out that woman don’t survive in a fist fight. I hope that other women learn this lesson as well. The average woman doesn’t last long in a fist fight with the average man. The ‘grrrl-power’ fantasy is just that, fantasy.

We can analyze What-if’s all day long and get nowhere, but my favorite would be, what if they had each stayed in their own corner of the elevator? I’m a man and I grew up with the ‘don’t hit girls’ mantra. It’s bullshit. It’s bullshit because it’s a half-truth. We should teach our kids, ‘don’t hit first‘.

It comes down to this: Never start a fight, but always finish one. This means don’t throw the first punch. Women… that means you too.