The Raid 2

The Raid 2 is one helluva movie. The muay-thai is brutal and phenomenal. The car chase scene is the best I’ve seen since Ronin with Robert DeNiro. If you want a rip-roaring, hard hitting, martial arts, action movie, you would not do wrong with either of The Raid movies. I only have minor issues with this sequel.

I couldn’t handle the excessive blood letting that was in this movie. Some of it established the cruelty of the villains, which was fine, but most of throat-slitting, baseball bats to the face, limb slicing, was a bit too much for me. I must be getting old.

The shaky cam isn’t as bad as the second Bourne movie. I needed Dramamine to get through that movie, but it is noticeable in The Raid 2. Also, I preferred the premise of the first movie better than the undercover cop premise of this movie. That isn’t a takeaway from this movie, just a preference toward the first movie.

Those minor issues aside, The Raid 2 is definitely recommended.