The Fall of the NFL

The NFL is going in the wrong direction. Here are some headlines on the Drudge Report today:

Football Headlines on the DrudgeReport

Einstein is often attributed to stating that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. This would be one of those times. The NFL is hellbent on turning the entire league pink, thinking that will bring in more fans, and they double down when those practices aren’t successful. One of the problems of the NFL is thinking that women can lead the game. Football is a man’s game. It is played by men. The strategies are refined by men. The game is nuanced by men. It is a violent game because men like it that way, and the NFL is killing it.

The constant stream of women being pushed into the leadership of any organization is wrong. This will fundamentally alter football and drive away fans. At first, it will be the casual and fair-weather fans like me. I don’t follow football too much. I care if the Vikings win or lose, but then I also don’t give a flying rat’s ass if they leave because Minnesota doesn’t build a rich man a stadium. I could take-em or leave-em. But soon the more die-hard fans will start to dwindle. Instead of just one month of the players wearing the most effeminate color imaginable for a mostly female disease, we’ll add another. Perhaps it will be robin’s egg blue, the second most effeminate color in all of Creation. That will surely bring the fans back, right? After that doesn’t work, the NFL will add more personal reels in between the plays. The league will take a cue from the Olympics and instead of giving the fans more action and football, they’ll get more childhood stories. The fans will learn the hopes and dreams of each player. Hint: Win Superbowl, be famous football player. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? I don’t know if any of the sports channels are currently doing that, but I’m sure they’ve toyed with the idea. (Then again, ESPN is probably too busy firing another commentator for doing his job: commentating.)

After the NFL drives away the last fan and ratings fall to nothing, maybe someone will realize what happened: By changing the NFL to accommodate the complaints of a few social justice warriors, the NFL will cease being a football organization and exist solely to cater to the whims of the complainers and social justice warriors.