#GamerGate Entertainment

There have been some great articles on #gamergate lately but one of the best must be the Gawker meltdown by Max Read. VoxDay comments on it here, and it’s hilarious. The next day, Vox pens an open letter to head of Gawker asking for Read’s resignation. And why not? Nearly every week I’m reading about the left and some SJW demanding another resignation over some imaginary offense. Let’s hit them back. What’s the worst that could happen? Gawker fires him, does an about face on GamerGate, repents of their ways, and maybe becomes a news site championing journalistic ethics and stuff we care about. Or maybe they keep Read around, he continues to stick his foot in his mouth, Gawker looses money, and I get more entertainment value out of this than Netflix as I watch Gawker slide into irrelevance.

There’s no downside!