Voting in 2014

Vox has a good point: nothing will really change.

In any event, as millions of voters exercise their privilege across the USA today, it is very, very unlikely that the replacement of a Democratic majority in the Senate with a Republican one, and the strengthening of the Republican majority in the House is going to signify much in the grand scheme of things. The federal government will continue its deficit spending, the banks will continue to loan out credit money they create ex nihilo, Wall Street will continue to dictate policy to Washington, the U.S. military will continue to intervene in the affairs of sovereign nations around the world, and the flow of diverse and semicivilized immigrants will continue unabated.

I used to walk in lockstep with the GOP. Now I just see them as pathetic Democrat-lite politicians. The GOP doesn’t want to win, and they don’t want to support conservative policies and into place. They drank the kool-aid of the -isms: feminism, diversity(ism), egalitarianism, and multiculturalism. The -isms will be and are the death of the USSA. The GOP will bring the same death as the Democrats, just at a bit slower pace.