ProKart League 2014 – Week Three

We raced the Silverstone track again. It’s the same track layout as last week. I like Silverstone and didn’t do too bad. We had a sub this week as well. New girl, Ldubs, did very well on the third race. Her average lap time dropped 4 seconds from her first two races. A few more races and she’ll be racing with the rest of us.

Supposedly, I caused a minor spin-out 30 seconds into race two, pffft, I doubt it. I did cause a spin-out later on that race (@2:14). Andy just didn’t want to get out of my way, so I hooked his back tire and tried to spin him. Unfortunately, George Jetson and Jughead Jones snuck past me as my spin-out failed and I came to a complete stop as well.

We also changed our name from the George Jetson Leauge to Crash Test Dummies. I’m hoping the new name will be easier to market to new racers when we get the second league going this winter.