ProKart League 2014 – Week Six

The week that shall not be mentioned.

All those great points that I received last week, I lost spectacularly this time around. The new guys are progressing quickly. They are quickly learning to play defense and they play it well. The first race was Glen and I, bunched up behind both of the new guys. We never did pass them. My kart was broken the second race. I couldn’t get out of anyone’s way fast enough. The third race was the worst because I was stuck behind Tim again. I wasn’t bothered that he played defense very well, but I was annoyed that he’d brake at the absolute worst time, coming out of the top sweeping turn and into the back straight away. I had to slam on my brakes every lap to avoid hitting him at full speed.

I lost most of the points my boss gained for me last week. Came in last place all three races, and was very frustrated that I couldn’t get around the new guy.

Oh, well. It means the racing is getting interesting.

Race 2: