Nanny State Sledding

According to the AP via Zero Hedge, Dubuque, Iowa is banning sledding:

One of the latest is in Dubuque, Iowa, where the City Council is moving ahead with a plan to ban sledding in all but two of its 50 parks.

“We have all kinds of parks that have hills on them,” said Marie Ware, Dubuque’s leisure services manager. “We can’t manage the risk at all of those places.”

And here is my reply, shamelessly stolen from a commenter on the Zero Hedge article:



I don’t live in Dubuque, IA, but I can already tell that the Dubuque city council has too much time on their hands and probably gets paid too much. The people that think of, and vote for this kind of nanny state, holier than thou, I know better because I’m in charge, bullshit are always a bunch of helicopter mom assholes that suck the joy out of life.