I found an IPA I like. Bent Brewstillery’s Moar. Bent calls it a Historic IPA. I call it very good. I normally hate IPAs. They make my lips feel like they’re going to dehydrate, shrivel up, and fall off my face. Moar doesn’t do that. It’s a very clean taste; bitter, but not overwhelming.

I highly recommend it.

From Bent’s website:

ABV: 4.7%
IBU: 47
COLOR: Deep Gold

A turn of the 20th century Scottish IPA brought back to life and made to be drunk in quantity! Spicy resins, apricots, tangerine zest and a bit of honey graham cracker. Low in alcohol, with loads of hop flavors, finishing dry with mouthfilling, ripping pithy tannins. Something hoppingly different for you IPA fans out there!