LANDesk Inventory Scans

I ran into a bugger of a problem with the scans of a freshly imaged host not being accepted by the LANDesk core server. They kept ending up in the ErrorBigScan folder. I finally tracked it down with this KB article, 9.6 Inventory: device is not showing up on 9.6 console after finish installing the agent

Turns out, the default max size for an inventory scan is 10MB. The scans of the host were 10.5MB. After I doubled the limit and restarted the inventory service, I took the scans from the ErrorBigScan folder and dropped them back into ldscan and they were eventually imported into the system.

Thank you LANDesk for putting a log in the event viewer saying, “Whoops this scan is too large to be processed.”

(That last sentence was sarcasm.)