LVM in a Virtual Environment

I have been fighting against my owncloud server the past couple of nights. The drive is too small and I need to grow the disk. Now, I’m used to a Windows environment and this is a pretty simple task: Grow the disk in esxi, open Disk Management, right click, Extend. Profit. Easy-peesy. Even the command line in Windows is fairly straight forward: diskpart, list partitions, select partition #, extend. (Online resizing of boot/system partitions arrived with Server 2008.)

Not so much in Ubuntu. Now, I’m also dealing with LVM which adds annoyances and I’m left to wonder, “Why am I even using LVM in a virtual environment?” I’m late to the game figuring this stuff out. I’ve found other posts that share my sentiment. Then again, my Linux skills aren’t that great.

I did some mucking around with a desktop version of 15.04. I think my final choice will be to move the swap to a file (which I will name pagefile.sys just to annoy Linux fans), then delete the swap partitions. This will allow me to have a single partition and resize it easily: Grow disk in esx, resize the partition with parted*, reboot**, resize the filesystem with resize2fs.

I’m not finding anything that says I can get rid of LVM volumes and convert them to a partition scheme. Unfortunately, I’ll probably end up with a rebuild.

*I resized the partition while mounted with parted. It gave me a warning but it did work.
**I read somewhere that I’d need to reboot after resizing the partition if I did that while it’s mounted. I didn’t test to see if it was necessary.

This page was very useful for changing between a swap partition and swap file.