If the shoe fits…

Women don’t belong in the military, courtesy of Mad Magazine (to the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic):

Mine eyes have seen the glory of an army that’s co-ed
of a navy where the captain has to subdivide the head
of an air force where they issue flowered sheets for every bed
The times are changing now

Glory, glory basic training
never was more entertaining
there’s more action, who’s complaining?
The times are changing now.

They are wearing battle outfits that are full of fancy frills
they’re a credit to the union and we call ’em G.I. Jills
if George Patton were alive today he’d take off for the hills
The times are changing now

Glory, glory foes they’ll shake up
armed attacks they’re sure to break up
then they’ll freshen up their make up
The times are changing now

They are trained to shoot a rifle and they show no signs of fright
they’re as strong as any man and never run from any fight
that’s unless one gets a headache and she tells you, “not tonight”
The times are changing now

Glory, glory tell her mister
if she struggles when you’ve kissed her
no one likes a draft resister
the times are changing now.

It seems to fit with today’s news.