Migrating ePO db

While trying to migrate the db for a McAfee ePO server, I ran across these basic instructions:

  1. Stop EPO Services
  2. Copy the Database and Database LOG Files to the new SQL Server.
  3. Attach the Database to the new SQL Server.
  4. Configure a user who is dbowner of the EPO Database
  5. Start the EPO Tomcat Service only
  6. Open https://epo_server:8443/core/config
  7. Change the database settings
  8. Restart any EPO server service
  9. Check the EPO server Logs if there are any error.

These instructions worked well until I came across step 7 and my Apply button was grayed out and I couldn’t update the db connection settings.

I came across this knowledge base article and it said the db.properties file was altered and the config page wasn’t parsing the file properly. I found that the db.user.name field was missing. I added it back in and I was able to continue on. Then I rebooted the ePO server and everything was working after that.