Jessica “don’t bother” Jones

After watching the excellent Netflix show Daredevil, I was eager to watch the spin-off series, Jessica Jones, but…

It’s classless. It’s horribly written. The dialog is childish. It’s full of terrible modern culture tripe and feminist bullshit. If there’s good in this show, I couldn’t find it.

A comment on a very aptly timed Chateau Heartiste post accurately sums up Jessica Jones:

Marvel’s new Jessica Jones is adapted by the lady that adapted Twilight. I don’t know if there is a clearer version of a feminist worldview than that, but it hits your entire list in one show, plus some bonuses

Does Jessica Jones see injustice in the world and decide to use her super powers for good? No she gets raped and the entire miniseries is about her trying to get away from her rapist, and because he is a stalking pyschopath she has to confront him.
Mudsharking? check
mutant hatred as a proxy for race? check
Oil Driller? check
Lesbian power couple? check
British villain? check
Sleeping with your attempted murderer? check
Telling an expert to STFU just because he is a man? check
Black Junkie… wait what? he has a heart of gold… ah… check
Trannies? I have my suspicions about one of the “women” in the power couple
Incest? ah yes… gotta open up the new fronts. white of course