Kaspersky and Jabber

I’ve run into a nasty bug in the latest Kaspersky Antivirus. It seems to kill any Jabber calls. After a couple minutes, Jabber won’t be able to make any calls. It just dead air.

I have commented on a couple forum posts but I haven’t found any definitive fix other than uninstalling Kaspersky.

I’m using KES10 ( with SP1 MR2 on Win8.1 (x64) and Win10 (x64). And I’ve tried several versions of Jabber:

  • 10.6.5
  • 10.6.7
  • 11.5.1
  • 11.5.2

It’s really annoying. At least, Win7 x86 doesn’t seem to be affected by this bug.

Update 2016-03-14: It looks like it’s related to the Kaspersky Network filter driver klwfp.sys. After disabling system protection, renaming that driver, and rebooting, Jabber works after the two minute mark.

Update 2016-04-08: Kaspersky contacted me today. I am currently testing out a new driver for them and it seems to be working. I’ll need to do more testing on Monday, but so far so good. (knock on wood)

Update 2016-04-12: The fix worked and I learned that once you get used to hands-free calling with Jabber it’s very difficult to go back to a regular phone.


7 thoughts on “Kaspersky and Jabber”

  1. Hello , thanks for the Article.

    But is Kaspersky planning on relasing this fix soon?

    Because in our Company we have the exact same Problem. And your solution worked for us.

  2. Hello, is it possible that you send me that fix via Mail or upload it to dropbox etc?

    Would be awesome.

  3. Jericho,
    I’ve run into the same issue with Jabber and Kaspersky as well. But haven’t reached out to Kasperky’s tech support. Since you’ve already resolved the issue plaguing me, could you send me the link and instructions also

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