Modern Man is bananas

Here is another great post by John C. Wright in a fascinating discussion about modern science.

“what most people call science was born in a class called “natural philosophy” in a university which required Theology in order for people to not be considered bat shit crazy.
With the order lost people are still trying to square the circle.”

You said it! Ideas fit together like atoms in a molecule: some work together and some do not.

Physics without theology leads to brain-dead schoolboy errors in epistemology cf: Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.

Without theology, philosophy, and the philosophy of physics, soon you have physicists announcing, like Hume, that since cause and effect cannot be seen or weighed, it does not exist, or that particles change position without moving through the intervening space, or that a cat can be alive and dead and neither and both provided only Dr. Schrodinger is not looking at the cat.

The modern mind hears the physicists making silly schoolboy errors in philosophy, and assumes that if they know physics, they know as must as the Profession on Gilligan’s Island, because they are experts at everything. So the modern man concludes the physicists are right and the universe is bananas.

I conclude the universe is rational and the modern man is bananas. When Einstein said ‘God does not play at dice’ he was enunciating a principle of the philosophy of science without which science cannot exist: ex nihilo nihil fit. Nothing comes from nothing; nothing happens for no reason.

Heisenberg, answering him back, told Einstein not to tell God what to do, by which he meant, if I do not see the cause, the cause does not exist. Heisenberg did not draw the logical conclusion from this, namely, that without cause and effect, all science, indeed, all reasoning is vain.