Migrating DHCP Reservations

I had to migrate dhcp servers and the export/restore wasn’t working for me. I read that the export/restore method only works on the same server. I’m migrating from 2008 to 2012R2. However, there is a command-line method to add DHCP reservations in Windows and there is an easy way to get a list of existing reservations:

netsh dhcp server dump > output.txt

I could only get this command to run on the local server. Running it remotely didn’t seem to get all the output, but at least it gave me the reservations and I didn’t have to retype them. (Run these commands from an elevated command prompt.)

dhcp Server \\dhcpserver.domain.com Scope Add reservedip 0123456789ab "host.domain.com" "" "DHCP"

Kudo to this blog post for the tips.