Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

I’ve put 100+ hours in to Titan Quest and I was quite excited when I saw that I received a free upgrade to the Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition. TQAE combines TQ with the expansion Immortal Throne, and includes hundreds of bug fixes and gameplay balances.

So I jumped in with a lot of enthusiasm and ticked up several more hours. Nostalgia is one helluva drug and all my rosy memories of TQ started to not look at good. I started to nitpick little things:

  • Damn, I have to pick up gold? No auto-loot?
  • Where is the loot filter?
  • Why do I have to drag components to my inventory to combine them? Can’t I combine them while they’re in the inventory?

Then I remembered there is a game where all of this was fixed: Grim Dawn.

Called the spiritual successor to Titan Quest, Crate Entertainment started GD by licencing the TQ engine, then proceeded to combine the great TQ multi-classing skill-trees with a good story and topped it off by building in a decade’s worth of ARPG improvements.

I hope TQAE will eventually be updated with some modern features of ARPGs. It’s still a fun game with a good storyline and fun skill-trees. It’s just that the edges are a little too rough. A little polish would extend the life of this great game.

UPDATE 2017-12-01: There is a new expansion for TQ, Ragnarok. It adds a new class and many QoL improvements like starting at lvl40 to get to the new content faster, semi-auto loot for gold, potions and components, and probably more I haven’t found yet.