.NET 4.0 and InstallUtil.exe

I have a Windows 2003 (x86) server complaining that InstallUtil.exe from .NET 4.0 was not a valid win32 application. Repairing .NET 4.0 did not help. Reinstalling .NET 4.0 kept causing the x64 version of the file to be installed, not the x86 version. The x64 version is about 40KB. The x86 version is about 28KB. Replacing the file from a working machine fixed the issue.


The Big Sleep

Lauren BacallLauren Bacall died yesterday. I first saw her in The Big Sleep with Humphrey Bogart. It’s a hell of a movie and she was fantastic in it. She was so sultry and sexy. Key Largo is another great movie of hers. I’ll have to re-watch them both soon.

Bogey and Bacall. You can’t go wrong with that combo.

Netflix Not Required

Vox has a hilarious set of posts up at his blogs, Vox Day and AlphaGamePlan.

TL;DR: A man asks a Druish princess out. She friendzone’s him and proceeds to invite him back to her place to chat and a bottle of wine. He makes his move a second time and she rebuffs. He leaves. She accuses him of a temper tantrum and wonders why he left. She asks Vox about it. He gives her 100 ABV Truth. Her feminist reaction is old and predictable, yet still entertaining. Even the hapless suitor replies to Vox.

I don’t think I need to watch TNT anymore. There is a enough drama and entertainment on the internet. This could really help me save money.

Powershell Beginnings

I’ve never been big on scripting. I taught myself VB.net and made some useful programs, but I’ve tried several times to get into Powershell and it just hasn’t clicked.

However, I finally made a useful script. It gets all the files in a directory recursively. Then iterates over the list and deletes the ones that match a predetermined set of patterns. I kept trying to do this in a clever way, trying to use as few lines as possible and get rid of IF statements. Finally said, “Fuck it!” and wrote it my way. Maybe, that will teach me not to be too clever.

$FileDeleteList = 'dotnetfx*.exe', 'jre*.exe', 'et_20*.exe', 'et 20*.exe', 'EDT?Update.*'

# Returns true if the filename matches any of the patterns in the $FileDeleteList
function InFileDeleteList($filename) {
  foreach ($FileDeleteItem in $FileDeleteList) {
    if ($filename -like $FileDeleteItem) {
      return $true
  return $false

#Start Here
#Get a list of all the files (recursive and not directories) from the current directory.
$files = Get-ChildItem . -recurse | Where-Object{(!$_.PSIsContainer)}

#Iterate over the files, check if they're in the list, and delete them if they are.
foreach ($file in $files) {
  if (InFileDeleteList($file.Name)) {
    Remove-Item -Force $file.FullName

Wipe a Cisco 3560 without the password

I had a dozen Cisco 3560 switches I needed to wipe, but I couldn’t give the intern the password to the switches. These steps let the intern wipe the switches quickly and easily.

  1. Boot up the switch.
  2. Hold the Mode button for a few seconds. The LEDs will blink then go solid. Let go of the button and the switch will reboot with a blank config. The original configs will be renamed and backed up on flash.
  3. Skip the Initial Configuration dialog then run the regular commands to wipe the switch.
Switch# write erase
Switch# delete flash:vlan.txt.renamed
Switch# reload

You’re done.

Jason Lewis Gone Galt

I’m a fan of Jason Lewis, but I missed most of his show today. Apparently it was a big day. Jason Lewis quit. On air. At 6:27 pm, in the middle of his show. I came in after that to what sounded like show producers scrambling to get Dan Conry to fill in for him. It could be an elaborate ruse. I’m prone to be a little more gullible trustworthy than most, but it sounds legit. Jason Lewis has gone Galt.

I can’t fault the guy. A long time advocate of lower taxes and more liberty, Jason has been on a Galt kick since he started his Galt.io site. A social network for conservative organizers. I’m dubious as to whether this site will work. Conservatives by nature aren’t the kind of people to sit and organize over the web. They’re too busy trying to produce something, or in this economy, stay afloat. Organizing has long been the expertise of the leftists whose websites are too numerous to count. Then again, perhaps this is what’s needed. Sometimes I wish there was a force to troll the leftists sites as much as they troll the Right. That is where I get worried for any Right-leaning social websites. The leftists and rabbits have long established the fact that they are more than willing to troll Right-leaning websites to weaken and bring them down. Another problem are the pansy ass Conservatives go along with it. Some hardball needs to be played. Hopefully, Galt.io can fill the gaps.

Like I said, I can’t fault Jason for taking his earnings and going home. He earned it. I just hope we haven’t heard the last of him.

Re-run Your Boot Loader

While cleaning out some old kernels in the wiki server I built for work, I ran across this suspicious message:

The link /vmlinuz.old is a damaged link
Removing symbolic link vmlinuz.old
 you may need to re-run your boot loader[grub]
The link /initrd.img.old is a damaged link
Removing symbolic link initrd.img.old
 you may need to re-run your boot loader[grub]

It made me a little nervous to do a reboot. I’m not sure if anything was broken or would have been trouble, so I didn’t reboot. I found several blog and forum posts that said running the command, sudo update-grub would fix it. After running the command and rebooting, everything is still working.

Raw Device Mapping and 3TB Drives

Raw Device Mapping is actually easy for sata drives in ESXi. Not as easy as just picking the drive from the GUI, but I guess we can’t have everything. I followed the instructions from this blog and they worked.

Also, I found that connecting the 3TB drive to an existing machine to do the formatting and partitioning is the best bet. Trying to initialize and partition the disk from the Windows 7 VM failed, and using a USB adapter failed as well. Connecting it directly to the sata ports on my workstation’s motherboard worked well.

Windows 8 Updates and Audit Mode

Windows update does not function while in Audit mode in Windows 8.1.

That’s a nice little tidbit of information that I would have liked to have known before trying nearly everything I could to troubleshoot why it wasn’t working.

Chris123NT has very clear instructions to get around this limitation and apply the updates. I have copied the instructions here. Thank you, Chris123NT.

  1. Download the Windows Update Powershell Module
  2. Copy the module folder to %WINDIR%\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules
  3. Run PowerShell ISE as Administrator
  4. Run the following commands:
  5. Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
    Import-Module PSWindowsUpdate

The rest should be automated with some prompts.

**NOTE: Sometimes setting the execution policy to RemoteSigned doesn’t work, in those cases, temporarily set it to Unrestricted, and then set it back after you have used the script to install all windows updates.