The Accountant

TheAccountant.jpgThe Accountant was an odd movie premise from the start: autistic accountant savant by day, hitman by night…but I was pleasantly surprised that it almost worked. Unfortunately, everything that The Accountant did right, John Wick did better and with more style.

While John Wick setup an interesting underworld with it’s own rules and codes, The Accountant is just a what? A revenge movie? A hitman with a heart of gold movie? I can’t tell.

The Accountant is entertaining. A sequel might be good enough as well, but I’m looking forward more to John Wick 2.

Rogue One

I won’t expound on Rogue One. It’s already been hashed to death on the internet, but I will say I enjoyed it. However, I’m glad that episode 4 was already established. If it wasn’t for episode 4 stating that a lot of people died, I’m sure Hollywood would have saved our heroes and then shoehorned in a pointless romantic subplot.

Brave on ElementaryOS

I wanted to install Brave on a test ElementaryOS install and I’d rather use apt instead of the .deb file that’s on Brave’s main site. Brave does have a repo available but it won’t work with ElementaryOS out of the box. Here are the instructions.

The trick is here: “You will want to make sure the bottom line of /etc/apt/sources.list lists a new repository and doesn not contain the word lsb_release.”

When you run the two provided commands:

curl | sudo apt-key add -
echo "deb [arch=amd64] `lsb_release -sc` main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list

…’loki’ is inserted into the new source in /etc/apt/sources.list. Replace it with ‘xenial’.

Brave installed just fine with apt after that.

DFS-R MaxOfflineTimeInDays

I had a screwy server that wouldn’t replicate a folder in DFSR because it had past the 60 day limit. I’m not sure why this server was out of date for so long.

EventID: 4012

The DFS Replication service stopped replication on the folder with the following local path: <folder>. This server has been disconnected from other partners for 152 days, which is longer than the time allowed by the MaxOfflineTimeInDays parameter (60). DFS Replication considers the data in this folder to be stale, and this server will not replicate the folder until this error is corrected.

To resume replication of this folder, use the DFS Management snap-in to remove this server from the replication group, and then add it back to the group. This causes the server to perform an initial synchronization task, which replaces the stale data with fresh data from other members of the replication group.

Additional Information:
Error: 9061 (The replicated folder has been offline for too long.)
Replicated Folder Name: <folder>
Replicated Folder ID: A484AB0F-7DAE-4A43-BFC4-59303224FD23
Replication Group Name: domain\dfsroot\foldername
Replication Group ID: 201BA6C5-92C9-4FDF-BE2B-C9FDC6869FBD
Member ID: 9B24A868-4C07-4BBE-AE09-C0D9427C9A24

Following the suggestion in the EventID, I removed the folder completely from DFS Replication and Namespace and let everything sync back up. The event log even said that the Replication member was dropped. However, when I re-added the folder I received the same error message again.

So I changed the MaxOfflineTimeInDays option to 155 days with this command and restarted the DFSR service:

wmic.exe /namespace:\\root\microsoftdfs path DfsrMachineConfig set MaxOfflineTimeInDays=155
net stop dfsr && net start dfsr

The event log showed that DFS-R started replicating the folder again and everything is back to normal again. Then I changed the MaxOfflineTimeInDays option back to it’s normal 60 days.

Gilmore Girls

[Spoiler warning]


One of the most reliable metrics is the world is not Old Faithful or even an atomic clock. It’s knowing that Rory Gilmore can and will make monumentally stupid decisions without fucking up her life.

The new Netflix four-part miniseries of Gilmore Girls puts a conclusion on the series that the show didn’t. However it’s a haphazard, mishmash of a show. It tries to relive the glory days not realizing that the glory days are long gone.

The first episode consists entirely of cameo appearances from the TV show. It’s kinda neat that they manage to get nearly everyone from the show for a spot in the mini-series. It’s just too bad that they squeezed them all into the first episode. It’s obvious that the writer makes up situations completely unrelated to the storyline just to give someone else another cameo. You can feel the awkwardness. Well *almost* everyone gets a cameo in the first episode, they only gave Melissa McCarthy five minutes in the last episode. I guess they had to do something to keep you watching till the end.

But don’t worry the second episode is where things start to get back to normal in Stars Hollow. And by normal I mean it consists mostly of Rory making incredibly shallow, self-centered, stupid choices with no consequences:

  • Can’t decide on which job to take though one employer is begging her to come work for them. (Ha, like she’d have multiple job offers.)
  • Sleeping with her former lover even though he’s engaged. (Classy.)
  • Hanging around losers that have a panic attacks over the previous decades’ college boyfriend. (Paris is a contender to be more annoying than Rory.)
  • Having a one-night stand with a Wookie cosplayer. (Great selection, Rory.)
  • Complaining that she is 32 and hasn’t had more one-night stands. (Apparently screwing up often is an effective way to learn now how to deal with screwing up? One night stands are good?)
  • Bombing and interview because she doesn’t have her favorite outfit. (Such strength, such independence.)
  • Losing all job prospects because she couldn’t make up her mind. (Is this the one time she’ll faces the consequences?)
  • Working for the local rag for no pay because nostalgia. (How do these people pay their bills?)
  • Loosing her lover because…well, his fiancée moved in. (Could she see that one coming?)
  • Getting pregnant. (Aaaaaand we’re set for a reboot.)

One of the funniest things about the show was the ThirtySomething group. They’re a group of jobless, drifting, shallow, basic personality millennials with helicopter parents. Rory constantly bumps into them and desperately tries to run away as they try to recruit her for their group. I think the writers were attempting to show Rory still outside of this category, but as a viewer I couldn’t help but see that this is a) exactly the place where Rory belongs and b) where she is already.

It’s plain as day that Gilmore Girls was created and written by a leftist woman. It worships journalism as a noble profession, it glorifies sluts and single motherhood, and virtual signals by name dropping. Now, name dropping was part of the shtick of the show. The shtick being fast talking pop culture references. I get it. It was cute during the show, but name dropping Lena Dunham four times in as many episodes in the mini-series? Yikes.

The only thing I can’t figure out is if Lorelai or Rory is the Mary-Sue.

Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

SurfaceKB.jpgI broke down and bought a Surface Ergonomic Keyboard the other day and I’m quite pleased.


The media keys work! No need for remapping. That was a not-so-minor annoyance with using the Apple Keyboard on Windows: several missing keys, no media keys, and the need to remap something if you really wanted it. It wasn’t a deal breaker for me because I like the feel of the keyboard and it’s very easy to type on, but it’s nice to have media keys back.

The only issue with having media keys is now I have to toggle for Function keys. I do use F2 (rename) and F5 (refresh). But there is a toggle switch so you can choose which keys will be the default.

There are media keys for mute, vol up, vol down, prev, play/pause, next, bright up, bright down, magnifier, multitask, connect to devices, settings, calculator, minimize all, notifications, and lock.

Bluetooth is built in so there is no dongle. The keyboard runs off of two AAA batteries. Pairing it up with Windows 10 was a breeze.

The ergonomic keyboard has a bit more heft to it than the regular keyboard. It’s a good weight. I prefer keyboards have a bit of mass to them. I don’t want it moving around on my desk.


The keyboard looks great. It’s all various shades of grey. The palm rest for the ergonomic keyboard has a nice feel to it. MS says it’s easy to clean but I’m just leery about a cloth palm rest. It’s some fancy Italian fabric. Soft, and padded a bit. The cloth palm rest is the only thing I’m leery about with this keyboard.



  • The lights to indicate the capslock, num lock, etc. are a little dim or small.
  • The shift key next to the Z is a bit small too. Altho’ it could be that I’ve not used an ergonomic keyboard in a long time.
  • A bit spendy at $130, but if it holds up as well as a mechanical keyboard then it’s worth it.

None of these are deal breakers.


I’m still testing out the ergonomic version. I’m tempted to go back and get the regular version, since I use a regular mechanical keyboard at work.

I heartily recommend this keyboard. What little time I’ve spent with it I can say it’s a great keyboard. It’s a little spendy, but if you like the Apple keyboard style with perfect Windows (Win8, 8.1, 10. No Win7) integration, this keyboard is great.