If Apple asks to reboot…

This is what happens if you don’t reboot after an update to iCloud for Windows:


You get thousands of dns requests to *-courier.push.apple.com.


Thanks Apple.


iPod upgrade

I just upgraded an old 30GB 5.5gen iPod Video from a hdd to a 64GB SDXC card. I used Tarkan’s iFlash mk2. Everything came promptly and the unit was easy to install. Well, it was easy once I was able to open the damn thing. Yeowza, that is a chore. I read iFixit’s instructions but more helpful in disassembly was this video on YouTube. Tarkan also has a video for installation which was a nice reference but the unit is very easy to install.

According to Tarkan’s site, the SDXC will improve battery performance by 40%. Which is nice since the unit is a couple month’s shy of 10 years old.

The funny thing is I don’t really use the iPod that much anymore. I guess I didn’t need to upgrade it, but it was a nice little project.

I have numbers now: Apple says the original weight is 4.8oz. My iPod is now 3.6oz. That’s a 25% decrease and it’s noticeable.