Find Public IP from Cisco IOS CLI

Dealing with ISP modems are a pain. I needed to find out the public ip of a dsl modem after it had changed on me. I was hoping this solution would be as simple as it looks, and it is. more Or if you don’t have DNS configured on the Cisco device: more   Advertisements

Traceroute and Cisco ASA’s

I had a strange error on a new ASA where doing tracert to a host returned the correct number of hops, but always displayed the destination host at each hop. Adding inspect icmp error fixed it right up. policy-map global_policy class inspection_default inspect icmp error via Issue with Traceroute with Cisco ASA’s | Firewalling | […]

Cisco Jabber lag?

I noticed that my Cisco Jabber became very laggy when typing and sending chat messages. A little google-fu found this page from Cisco. Apparently Microsoft’s KB3038314 is the cause of it. I uninstalled the KB and Jabber is back to it’s snappy self. I’m running the latest version of Jabber (10.6.3) and I hope that Cisco can […]

Switching loops and errdisable recovery

I had a switching loop the other day. Nasty and annoying business. It didn’t bring the network down, but it was quite disruptive. Our switches had bpduguard enabled and this did prevent the switching loop, but the switches also had some errdisable recovery options enabled as well. So, after the switching loop was detected and the […]