Space Reclaimer CLI

sdcli spacereclaimer start -m <machine> -d <mountpoint> -t <minutes>

When using it in Task Scheduler put spacereclaimer start -m <machine> -d <mountpoint> -t <minutes> in the arguments line, and omit -m <machine> to run it on the local machine.



CLI and Excel

Inspired from this post at

I found a neat little trick with excel. It’s old news but I found it useful.

I needed to run a couple commands across a bunch of servers and I had a list of the hostnames. I could have used Powershell to iterate over the list and run the commands but I was in a rush and needed something quick and dirty, so I used Excel.

Put the list of servers in Excel then concatenate (“&”) the rest of the commands in another cell. Then autofill the commands down.


Maybe I should have forced myself to do Powershell and brush up on my skills but sometimes just getting something done without any hassle is needed.