NAS (follow-up)

Last Febuary I built a NAS and I learned two things: Overbuild. Get a good case. 1. Overbuild When I chose the Supermicro A1SRi-2558F, I wanted it because it was a robust board, low wattage, and an all Intel SATA chipset. It only has 6 SATA ports but I figured that would be plenty. Also the runner-up was a […]

SlySoft is Dead

It looks like Slysoft has finally succumbed to the pressure of lawyers. That’s too bad, I really liked their AnyDVD and VirtualDrive products. AnyDVD was a bit pricey, but it was solid software that never gave me any issues and always worked. I’m hoping AnyDVD will be back soon. “Old Billy was right: let’s kill all […]


I have been toying around with HEVC (x265) for the past couple days and I’m quite impressed. Billed as having the same quality H.264 with half the bitrate, I was a bit skeptical at that claim, but I’m pleased to say it’s true. I use a Plex server to serve up my media to a […]

Photo Tests

Here is an example of a low(er) light photo with HDR on an iPhone 6 Plus. The lights weren’t too low, but they were much lower than what I would have liked with my iPhone 4S. The focus is incredibly fast and I’m the optical stabilization will help me out a lot. I was constantly […] and TouchID

How to use TouchID in the app (from the Mint Community): Log into the Mint app. Set the passcode. Close but don’t logout. Open the Mint app and unlock with Touch ID instead of the passcode. This is a convenient and quick way to secure apps. I know it’s not bulletproof in terms of […]