LDMS 2016.3

Ivanti Landesk Management Suite 2016.3 is probably the most buggy it’s ever been. Ivanti Landesk has taken the crown when it comes to shipping a product so full of bugs that it’s hardly usable.

Here is a list of what I’ve encountered so far. Note that I haven’t dove deep into any of the features yet. I’m just trying to get AV and inventory stabilized.

  1. Kaspersky/Jabber/Win10 issue is back!
  2. Corrupt antivirus definitions on new agent installs.
  3. Security menu doesn’t work, so I can’t fix corrupt av definitions.
  4. Console extender renames items sometimes. Have to restart console.
  5. Console extender no drag n’drop. (bug or missing feature?)
  6. Legacy RC 2016.3 can’t remote control an older agent (2016.0).
  7. No software deployment run on older agents (2016.0).
  8. Can’t provisioning into VMWare Workstation. (I’ve tried editing the .vmx)
  9. LDAV.exe crashes when trying /updatefrominternet. (bummer, that’s the fix for #2)
  10. Uninstalling a partially installed agent fails and b0rks future agent installs. (I had to rebuild a server over this.)
  11. Coworker can’t install console until we install 9.6 console, upgrade to SP2 then upgrade to 2016.
  12. Restarting servers because of “Legacy API shutdown”. (Even though the agent is set to never reboot a server.)
  13. (UPDATE) Previous PXE agent service (2016.0) disappears off the PXE server w/o installing the new agent.
  14. (UPDATE) 2016.3 installer doesn’t detect x64 properly and tries to install Remote Console on Win7 SP1 x86. (These kinds of bugs really annoy me, because this is just sloppy workmanship.)

The first three are the most important. If I could get those fixed, the rest could me annoyances.

UPDATE 2017-03-10: Service Update 3 fixed #2 and #3.