If Apple asks to reboot…

This is what happens if you don’t reboot after an update to iCloud for Windows:


You get thousands of dns requests to *-courier.push.apple.com.


Thanks Apple.


pi-hole.net: DNS based ad-blocking

pi-hole.net is a fun little project. I set it up as a VM and set my DHCP server to use it as the DNS server and whammo! insta-adblocking.


  • Easy to install and setup. (Walk through the wizard to install, then update your DHCP server to use pi-hole as your DNS server.)
  • Fast and small. (Well, it was designed to run on a Raspberry Pi.)
  • Nice GUI and reports.
  • Effective.
  • Fun little weekend project.


  • There is nothing bad, but I wish it would run under Alpine Linux. The Ubuntu server I spun up is terribly large.


pi-hole.net doesn’t block everything that uBlock does, but it does catch an extra 3% more ads than without uBlock (according to the sites I visit), and it will help all the tablets and phones on your network that don’t have uBlock.