Default Features of Windows 2016

Just for posterity, here are the default features of Windows 2016. PS C:\Users\Administrator> Get-WindowsFeature | where {$_.InstallState -eq “Installed”} | ft -autosize Display Name Name Install State ———— —- ————- [X] File and Storage Services FileAndStorage-Services Installed [X] Storage Services Storage-Services Installed [X] .NET Framework 4.6 Features NET-Framework-45-Features Installed [X] .NET Framework 4.6 NET-Framework-45-Core Installed […]

Rebuilding WSUS gotchas

I had to rebuild my SUS server because the old one was still on Win2008 (x86) and I couldn’t get any of the Win10 Anniversary Edition updates. After rebuilding the server, everything is going great. The service is installed, the updates are downloading, and I see that there are updates for the SUS server pending. […]

Howto: a Proper Installer

Bitvise has to have the best installer I have seen in a long time. Everything is on one screen: the EULA, upgrade vs. new instance, the open when finished option. Everything. None of the endless wizard crap of Next, Next, Next, Next, Next, Next, Next, Next, Next, Next, Next, Next, Accept, Install…Finish. Fanfuckingtastic Bitvise.


When writing some scripts I wanted to slip in a reboot in the middle but I didn’t know how to run stuff after the reboot. The RunOnce command seemed like a logical step and I finally was able to use it in a script that will reinstall our AV software, but I also learned a […]